A little intro of nikkinikki…

So here’s a little info on how a self-proclaimed-DOTA2-hater (such as myself) magically turned into a DOTA2 player


How can a woman like me survive a world dominated by men such as DOTA2? That’s the question that keeps bugging me my whole life~LOL … I definitely wouldn’t want to feel outnumbered nor out of place thus, I never imagine myself playing a game such as DOTA2. Yes! NEVER!!!

But not until recently.

~I’ve been playing videogames since I was in first grade. I can still remember playing videogames with our family computer back in the days. Actually, my father tends to buy us different gaming consoles through the years since he also loves playing videogames. I can still remember my late father playing Battle Realms and Frozen Throne so I think I can say that I am fortunate enough to have a gamer for a father~LOL

Aside from playing videogames, I also played Online games before I entered the work industry. Well, I am currently working as a Public School teacher-slash-Online English teacher which prevents me from playing any videogames or onlinegames. (The sad truth about having work and money is that you won’t have time to enjoy your hard earned cash)  My work eventually drained me and thus, triggered me to think of something to invigorate and help me remove my stress from work.

I never thought that DOTA2 would be right game for me! I am afraid of the players, I never played something like this, I never protected a tower , I don’t know about the heroes nor the items, I don’t even know about its gameplay for heaven’s sake!!! But, there’s no harm in trying—so I did! As a matter of fact, this game kept me awake this whole summer vacation. It’s fun, enjoyable and addicting at the same time. It made me realize that this game is of course designed for the male gamers but it can also be played by a mere bunny like me!!!

(there’s no need for me to hate anymore)

I still have a lot to learn and I am willing to learn in order to be good at this game~

(‘coz I don’t want my teammates to report me  LOL)