DOTA 2 : First Blood | First Post

It is indeed a great and awesome experience for a newbie like me to drew first blood!!!

(I know it is nothing to b

~same goes with my first post  LOL

I don’t usually initiate ganks, it’s just that BH here is quite the aggressor so there you go…

I have to put up with him and kill razor

my starting items are preparation for my ring of aquilla and I’ll eventually turn the boots into treads once I save enough gold hi-hi-hi :3

I chose rikirmaru since he’s fairly easy to use and I don’t need to click on a lot of buttons

(my bad but I actually have slow hands)

plus the fact that he’s invisible /stealthy

I also like the fact that he’s mobile and quick and once I turn level 6 it’ll be easier for me to hunt and kill my opponents.

~we won the game btw…though it’s just a normal match

e proud about…but hey! it’s my first time~okay?)


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