DOTA 2 : why tutorials are a must?!


For a newbie like me who doesn’t know a thing about this game, it is the best choice to try the tutorial lessons.

The tutorial was pretty sweet ‘coz it taught me how to move and buy stuff.
The hero that I used for the tutorial was called Dragon Knight which falls under the strength type of heroes. Here’s a photo of DK for your reference.

project__dota_2_dragon_knight_by_f3nriswolf-d8lns59( BTW I got this chibi DK from:  credits to the owner…he has several DOTA 2 heroes in chibi form too :3 )

~I learned how to use its skills and I also learned that we can only activate our hero’s ss/ulti when it reaches level 6.

(btw, DK’s dragon form was kick-ass!!!)
I also learned that we need to protect our towers since it gives us sight, we also need to protect our ancient or else we’ll lose the game, there’s a base that has a well which regenerates hp and mana and finally aside from the enemy’s creeps the neutral creeps can also give me money to purchase items so I have to kill them or so? he-he-he!!!

I think that the tutorial was an osm start for a newbie like me though I didn’t finished all the tutorials since I wanted to play the game right away~LOL



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