Kousaka Honoka (costest) for Cosplay Carnival Day 1

Hi!!! Everyone’s been talking about CC (Cosplay Carnival)

Cosplay Carnival is a fun and exciting 2-day event filled to the brim with exciting activities that highlight the many aspects of Cosplay. It is a way to introduce newcomers to Cosplay as well as show them various aspects of the hobby.

( I got this description from the event page btw~LOL)


I got a message from a friend of mine asking if I’m available to judge a cosplay dance contest. I was really excited for the event since it’s my first time to judge a cosplay-themed dance contest. Too bad I can only attend Day 1 since I have another endeavor the next day.

~It’s actually quite of a last-minute arrangement thus; I just browsed what’s inside my closet for a perfect cosplay to match the event. Ranka Lee and Rino Sashihara are my choices for the event (coz they have that IDORU feels) but I realized that I already have a Honoka wig … so why not cosplay Honoka instead? (LL hype)

(Here’s my wig trial…no makeup and costume yet)


I’ve been planning to cosplay Kousaka Honoka from Love Live (School Idol Project) but I’m simply too busy to pull It off so, this is a great opportunity  for a costest. I literally raid my closet for a white blouse, black socks, and a pair of not so accurate school shoes to match Honoka’s school uniform look since I already have the skirt because my friends and I are planning to do a dance cover of Happy Marker.

I definitely don’t have the blazer and won’t be able to make it for the event even if I had it sewn, so I’ll just go for an incomplete summer uniform.

P_20160217_155659_1_p.jpg I made her bow tie and hair accessory to complete the look in less than 30minutes. Fortunately, I have a pair of blue circle lenses ~ perfect for her eyes! No sweat!

The next thing to do is proper makeup…

Can’t wait ‘til Cosplay Carnival!!! Hope tomeet fellow Love Live Cosplayers as well~



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