nikkinikki @ Cosplay Carnival Day1

I’m really excited for CC (Cosplay Carnival) not only because it’s my first convention for the year but also because it caters different aspects in a cosplay convention like karaoke singing contest, cosplay dance battle, and other fun activities.

I arrived early and roamed around the venue, there were a lot of booths and exhibitors not to mention a variety of merchandises to choose from.

Now I know why it is stated in the event page that you must get your wallets ready (OMG) I mean they’re selling a lot of cheap stuff !!! (good stuff alright?) from anime and cosplay props/goodies to costumes and a whole lot more. I just scored a pair of knee high socks and kaneki face mask both from VRC (‘coz it’s a necessity)

There are also food stalls (Thank goodness!!!) The were available restrooms!!! Yes! Restrooms that were intended for cosplayers (I think) and the guards are polite too!!! I remember waiting for someone outside the venue and  accidentally leaned on the glass. A guard approached me and warned me in a polite way that it’s dangerous. I even thanked him…I wonder why there are complaints about guards in events???

The event itself was fun, I didn’t have the time to take pictures with other cosplayers because I was too busy doing the Cosplay Con Quest with my friend japepong. 


(I wanted to score that 500 worth of GC from unmei but meh~ I’m not lucky enough)


(got this from trying my best at that tongue twister challenge)


We dropped by Bandai’sbooth and tried building my first gundam (exia) … It’s my first alright? I don’t even know how to do this and how will the pieces fit … I didn’t even understand the manual and finally I don’t even know how to use the pliers thinggy?! It was hard … but fun 🙂



Behold~built it for 3hrs jk


The gist is that you need to accumulate stamps from different booths/exhibitors. You need to have your pattern stampped like a sort of BINGO patterns to win a prize. Some of the exhibitors ask you to do certain things first before you get your stamp, for example play a nihonggo tongue twister game at the Japan Foundation booth, play a sumo battle, build a gunpla (exia), etc. The quest itself was fun but the rewards for conquering the quests were equally awesome too.

I got a plushy, pikachu head thinggy, harajuku gatsby wax and canmake cheek blusher!!!YAY!!! 

Enough with the side quests, let’s move on to the real reason why Cosplay Carnival is OSM and that is because of the Karaoke  Singing Contest. It’s not your typical singing contest because you’ll never know what song you’re about to sing until you’re up on stage!!! It’s quite a challenge that our brave cosplayer contestants were able to accomplish.

There were also storage wars and cosplay auctions during the event. The Yoshinoya gyudon eating contest was so much fun too! (I also wanted to join but i was too shy to do so and I’m not that hungry, I guess~LOL)

CCY 2015 winners were announced during the event and they’re indeed the Best Cosplay Costume of the Year 2015. Congratulations to all the winners, here’s a train of photos during the awarding:

The guest cosplayers, Rainier Tachibana and Kirisagi had their photo session and autograph signing held at the other side of the venue. Rainier had an on stage interview and answered the questions submitted by her fans. (I had it recorded and will upload it some time) 


Kirisagi on the other hand, announced the winners of the Dance battle. Five teams heated up the stage as they competed for the dance battle but only one team reigned victorious. Congratulations to all the participants especially to Team Borealis with their high kick’n heart pound’n kamen rider inspired dance presentation that bagged 1st runner-up and to our Champion, the Akatsuki Team with their very energetic, hip-hop-ish dance presentation.

~Finally, Congratulations to for rendering a fun-filled and successful event like Cosplay Carnival and thank you for having me :3



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