The players were talking weird stuff!! Is it just me?

I feel like an alien ~ LOL

Through playing this game, I learned that a newbie like me should learn the basic terms in this game in order to understand what the other players are saying, so here are some terms that I find weird but are actually important.

care – take care/be careful

bot – bottom lane mid – mid/middle lane

OL – only mid

p –push

b –back/go back

def – defend

cd – cool down

ff – focus fire

ez – easy

lp –low priority

ks – kill steal

tt – trash talk

nc – nice

sry – sorry

rs – roshan

ggwp – good game well played

feeder – someone who always gets killed

jungle – area where neutral creeps can be found

farm – to kill neutral creeps in order to get gold

gank – to initiate a kill

noob – idiot/stupid ( so I prefer to be called as a newbie than a noob)

yellow wards – observer wards

blue wards – sentry wards

dag – dagger

(Here are some terms for the heroes; notice that we  just use their initials same with some of the items to make it short)

cm – crystal maiden

am –anti mage

sf – shadow fiend

wk – wraith king

bb – bristle back

sb – shadow blade

bkb – black king bar

mkb – monkey king bar

bm – blade mail

s&y – sange and yasha

These are just few terms that I learned while playing the game. I hope that this list will somehow help other newbie DOTA2 players like me to understand what their teammate/opponent is saying.

I’ll be glad if you can add something to this list or correct me if I made some mistakes since I know that my DOTA2 vocabulary is still not that wide



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