Playing with DOTA 2 quitters???


I think every newbie like me has played sniper.

~He is easy to play with not to mention his item build and skills were also east to understand.


(BTW i got this cute photo here:…credits to the owner)

But what I really liked about him is that he is a range and agility type of hero.

He can also go with any lanes of your choice

though be careful since he’s really paper-like-thin hi-hi-hi

I never played bot matches, so the only way for me to practice sniper is through normal matches. This was the first time that I’ve encountered allies who left me one by one. It started when one of my teammates got disconnected or so?

I learned that we can wait for our teammates to reconnect by pausing the game simply by pressing the f9 button. The f9 button can also be used to unpause the game ‘coz sometimes there are some players that abuse the pause button. I also learned that if someone didn’t make it to reconnect upon the given time his gold will be equally divided among his allies. It will also be a game that is safe to leave and thus, the game won’t be recorded.

And that is what exactly happened. One of my teammates wasn’t able to reconnect and so my other teammates left me since it’s already safe to leave. I can also do the same but it won’t be fun anymore so I still continued playing the game.

11155109_1119793874713058_3244935581678958451_o (1)

My items might look funny with treads, shadow blade and 4 crystalys ~LOL

but hey!!! I need to purchase these items in order to stay alive~perhaps?


I do managed to prolong the game by defending and controlling my teammates’ heroes

but it was a re ally difficult task so in the end we still lost the game.

Playing alone was fun and sad at the same time. I just hope that my other teammates still continued playing together with me despite it’s already safe to leave.

How about you? What are your thoughts regarding quitters?


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