Honoka “happy maker ver.” Costest for OTACON ’16

I’ll be attending another cosplay convention this coming Sunday (tomorrow) and I’m doing some last-minute costume fix’n just because cramming is my best motivation and procrastination always gets to win.


My friends and I are planning to cos the LL girls in their happy maker costume. It’s a very easy costume to make so we originally bought our shirts beforehand and had it printed by Risk Taker Clothing.
We altered the shirts according to their design because it’s easier that way and besides … ordering stuff from cosplay shops/taobao will take some time.

~i altered my shirt because Honoka’s shirt should be off shoulder 😛
(i sewed the edges using my machine)


Our skirts were made by  Loki’s Haven. Nothing to worry about my wig and lens;  I’ll just have to raid my closet for a pair of white knee high socks, red belt, etc.


I made my wrist band out of an old eco bag since I don’t have time left scouting for fabrics and such.



I used a fabric rose that I got last Valentine’s day for my head accessory again, because I need to improvise…good thing our friend Dukesa made hair accessories for everyone (whew~) and finally, our friend Timmy made our heart-thinggy-pins to complete the look!!! The only problem now are my kicks!!! (gotta go out and score one!!!) *panic mode/beastmode*


update: i found a pair of nice red kicks from a sidewalk vendor… i just painted some parts and its sole yellow … we’re ready to go!!!!




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