Unwrapping my gift


It’s shameful but I don’t have a lot of items in my inventory since I’m still new to this game and I also used my items as an offering to claim the charm of the crucible jewel II.

~So, I’m really uber-happy to receive a gift from a friend!!!  Yay!!!


We tend to gain friends as we play the game…

~ it’s quite rare … I think?

’coz it’s really hard to gain friends in DOTA 2 since most of the players diss newbies like me.

So, I am really happy and thankful to have friends in my contact list that understand my noob-ness~ LOL

One of them is Unbroken!!!

Thank you Unbroken for this cutie Crystal Maiden set!

11117685_1152292394796539_2030722447_nIt’s my first time to unwrap a gift … it was exciting!!!

My CM looks all glamorous now …

11271149_1152292381463207_1738137376_nI think I better to start watching and reading CM gameplays and tutorials.

I can’t wait to use my new set!



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