nikkinikki at OTACON 2016

Last February 28, 2016 I attended OTAKU CONNECT Episode 2.5 (OTACON 2.5) just because I’m with  my friends…

It’s been a while since I went to a cosplay convention just for the sole purpose of being with my friends…

~it’s kind’a weird for me since lately I’ve been going to conventions because either I am a cosplay contestant to compete, I’m going to perform or I’m going to be a judge. 



I cosplayed as Kousaka Honoka together with my Love Live cos group; Loki Heart as Umi, Michelle as kotori, Star as Nico and Dukesa as Eli. Some of our friends were not around since they have stuff to do but we’re plannig to complete our line up by May for a cosplay shoot. 

Loki Heart was at Mig.Me booth to promote their stuff, she’s busy at that time so my friends and I simply wandered and roam around the venue… It was small, we were looking for a contact lens seller/booth because we need to purchase one for our cosplays but though luck, we didn’t find one. So, we cosplayed without lenses (I am NOT wearing a lens~ok?!). 

We were also hungry since we missed lunch so we tried to look for food but alas! we didn’t find one (there were a mogu-mogu and takoyaki stall tho). I understand that there weren’t a lot of food stalls considering the fact that it was held at a mall (where there are a lot of food stalls/restaurants) so we just ate at a fast food near the venue.

12801593_1228018843893801_3528047603397967145_n.jpg  12728796_1228027343892951_2394129912994343107_n.jpg

There were few exhibitors/booths but I must say that my friends and I enjoyed the Chippy booth!!! It was OSM~ they have free samples (new chippy flavors) and photo booth as well. I personally enjoyed the photo booth since the staffs were kind and not to mention that the prints are FREE!!!


I love u Chippy booth!!! 

I also liked the Dance battle booth. We just installed the mobile application (it’s a mobile dance battle game) and the staff immediately gave us a random goodie through fish bowl sampling of course. Too bad…I was hoping for a free shirt but I got a free poster instead. It was funny because I just joked the staff if I can have a baller I didn’t mean it…and I didn’t expect that he’ll give me one ~but he did!!! Thank you very much for your kindness dear sir!!! *thumbs up*

The event itself was kind’a boring ‘coz the stage is not as active as it should be (I was expecting fun games that people can participate in between or anything that could draw people’s attention) but there were guest bands and dance performers~ so I call it quits! 

There were few exhibitors/booths, and few con attendees (perhaps it was not well advertised???), but there’s always room for improvement like what they always say. Organizing a cosplay convention is not an easy task to do especially gathering sponsors. I can truly see that they’re doing their best (since it’s just episode 2.5) and with that more power to you guys!!! (I hope you’ll be able to get more sponsors next time). Nonetheless it was fun hanging out with friends. I could really care less about the event asking us to pay for 100php for entrance where in fact the event is not even exclusive  (like you can see what’s happening inside even if you didn’t pay for the entrance fee). LOL 


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