DOTA 2: Teach me how to MMR senpai???


Yey! There’s more for me to celebrate aside from my cute Bristleback’s outfit and my new steam profile picture!!!

sorry ugly screencap
sorry ugly screencap

(It’s so fab … my Bristleback is looking so hawt)

~I can’t believe it but it has already been 2 months since I started playing this game

I finally reached level 13 for the lulz!!! ~ I can now play ranked matches ~ yippie!!!

(I haven’t tried it though since I don’t want my teammates to bash me ‘coz I lack the skills)

You might be wondering why I am only at level 13 after spending 2 months playing the game? That’s because I  only spend like 4-5 hours playing during the summer vacation… What’s more saddening is that I can’t hardly play right now due to school work/paper works

I know there’s more for me to learn but this is a good start…

(considering how noob I was before?)

I know that I haven’t improved a lot yet… but I know that I am learning

I can now communicate with my teammates and I can now tell when to push or go back…

It’s quite hard but I can now deny my creeps (how ‘bout that?)

But what I need to focus more is how to strike the last shot!!! (for gold’s sake)

It’s funny when you come to realize how much of a noob you were before…

I was so so so so noob back then that my teammates call me “feeder” and curse me to death!!!

(I do get a lot of cursing and bashing  ha-ha-ha  ~ I deserve it)

I was so so so so noob that I cannot tell the difference between nyx and weaver

I can’t even recognize a hero and its skill before!!!

I don’t know what items to build or what skills to master…

BTW I also don’t know how to use the courier before!!!

There was a time when I tried using it for the first time and it won’t stop following me!!! (wtf?)

~But it was all worth it… at least I can tell that I actually learned something as I progress in this game!

(I know that you already reached level 100+ or so … so reaching level 13 is not much of a big deal to you, but for me it’s a milestone since I am so noob)

I better practice more and try playing ranked matches…

Next stop is level 30!!! hopefully???


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