What’s your favorite DOTA 2 hero?

~as for me … I actually don’t have a favorite hero,

but I am currently focusing with: UNDYING

simply because he is undying!!! 


see??? despite several failed attempts of killing me…

I still managed to go back to our base!!!

(I even regained 4pts of health ‘coz my actual hp during that time was 2 LOL)

This hero is definitely UNDYING!!! 

What I really like about him is that he can be an initiator, pusher, disabler and whatnot???

He’s a good laner and off laner,depending upon your choice of role…

(You can check his stats here)

His item build depends on which role you choose… 

But as for his OSM skill…I can always spam his first skill: decay which steals away his enemies’ strength and makes him more durable~

~but be very extra careful with your mana ‘coz you want to have at least enough mana for soul rip and tombstone … be also mindful of their cooldown

(you’ll never know when there’s a potential gank or so)

I tend to use his third skill tombstone to block enemy’s creeps while pushing/destroying a tower, I only use his second skill soul rip when needed same with his ulti flesh golem!!!

~his skills work best with proper timing and usage…

during a clash … for me, it’s best to use tombstone first to summon zombies and slow/disable the enemies (the more the enemies the more zombies you’ll summon) then soul rip to either heal your allies or cause damage to your enemies…

(spam decay on different opponents to weaken them and stack to your strength) and finally use his ulti flesh golem to keep you durable and powerful during a clash.

credits to the owner
credits to the owner

Why not give Undying a try?  He’s actually fairly easy and fun to use minus the things he tend to blabber about like having a stomach that is rumbling which is kind’a disturbing 


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