DOTA 2: My Favorite DOTA 2 Pinoy Terms


Have you ever tried playing with or against Filipino DOTA 2 players at SEA server? How was your experience? LOL

(I tend to search for a match within SEA to avoid lag… so there’s a huge percent that I’ll be dealing with Pinoy players … like 95% LOL)

There are actually a lot of OSM Filipino players but some of them are just quite amusing to play with… (especially the kiddos) The kiddos usually use our native language since they can’t use the English language well (R.I.P English) ~ on the other hand, the matured ones use the English language to sound more sophisticated and OSM (+10 FOR PROPER ENGLISH AND GRAMMAR ) J:K They actually use it to communicate well with others.

~Kiddos or matured ones… they are both capable of utilizing the English language though there are times that they choose to use our native language which I find really helpful, funny and annoying … WHY???

~It’s funny in a sense that I can actually relate to what they’re saying (‘coz I understand them) and annoying when they tend to curse/bash/trash talk me using it as well!!! (‘coz I understand them that’s why!!!)

~I admit that I also use our native language BUT IF AND ONLY IF I am playing with or against Filipino dudes … ‘coz it’s useful in giving commands and it’s easier for us to communicate using it, but then again … IF AND ONLY IF I am playing with or against Filipino dudes!!!

~Here are some of my favorite friendly Filipino terms that they/we usually use:

basag –(to break) often refer to break a tower/break a shield or armor

pugak – split push/divert attention

rekta –(go straight) “rekta mid” means to go straight mid/only mid

tara –(let’s go) term used to push or go

takbo –(run) term used to command someone to run for his life

baboy –(pig) refers to mythical boar courier

oso –(bear) refers to ursa

ahas –(snake) refers to shadow shaman’s skill Mass Serpent Ward

kagat –(bite) refers to pudge’s dismember skill

hatak/hila –(pull) refers to pudge’s skill meathook

talon –(jump) refers to huskar/slark/mirana’s skill

tali/itali –(tie/to tie) refers for windranger’s skill shackleshot

bomba –(bomb) refer’s to techies’ skill land mine/remote mine

tae –(shit/dung) refer’s to techies’ skill land mine/remote mine

pana/jumong –(that osm kdrama with an archer for a protagonist) refers to mirana’s skill sacred arrow

tinik –(thorn) refers to bristleback skill quill spray

usok  -(smoke) refers to rikimaru’s skill smoke screen

hotdog ni Aljur –(Aljur Abrenica’s famous hotdog commercial btw Aljur is a matinee idol here in my country LOL) refers to gyrocopter’s skill homing missile


(the term has an unknown history but imo the missile itself looks like a huge hotdog) LOL


~Hell-yeah do I get a lot of trash talking from my Pinoy teammates/foes and here are the terms they usually use to degrade and demoralize me:

wew – (phew)to express deep dismay/disappointment

awts –(ouch) to express pain/hurt can also be the same as “wew“

pagkain –(food) to tell you that you’re a real feeder

sarap –(yummy/delicious) to tell a feeder how he tastes like

iyak –(cry) to tease someone who always whine about things

bugok –(rotten) to tell someone who did something beyond stupid

edi wow – (just wow) to annoy the sh*t out of you/ to end conversation

bobo/tanga –(stupid/idiot/sh*thead) to tell you you’re plain stupid/idiot/dummy

pota/puta –(whore)expression in rage-mode

p*tang*na /taena–(your mother is a whore/motherfucker) expression in super ultra-mega-rage-mode!!!


So there you go, you’ll now know when your teammates are already bashing or simply giving you a command in Filipino…

NOTE: This entry doesn’t intend to promote Pinoy trash talking or so…I just made it for the lulz~ It’s just for fun, no harm!!!

How about you? What are your favorite Pinoy DOTA 2 terms? Let’s expand the list!!!


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