It’s an honor to be a part of this great cosplay shoot (racing concept) just because it’s Neon Genesis Evangelion ~yeah!

~by husband and wife sir Tim and Dukesa (Dukesa Wolf)!!!


Thanks to my friend/sister/maid-of-honor/kumare Loki Heart for inviting me and giving me a chance to take part in this OSM cosplay shoot…


I was really excited about the shoot because It’s my first time to do this kind of shoot (racing concept) plus the fact that I never did any gender bend cosplays before…and I don’t usually do cosplay shoots because I like joining competitions more than doing shoots so everything was a first for me…(I thought my first gender-bend/racing inspired cosplay wouldn’t be OSM but I was wrong…all thanks to the people who put so much effort to make this shoot a success)

thanks to our OSM set of photographers namely: erving go, emman chris es, ron naldo, carlo rodriguez, donnie medina, aldrin kencey, jose fernando caasi, juan carlo borja and jack hernandez!!! WHOA!!! Thank you everyone especially to the car owners: sir tim, pat, sir fumiko and quattro adriano

Special thanks to Loki’s Haven for my costume, wig, etc. and Dukesa’s Box for our accessories..


Thank to my fellow cosplayers: Dukesa as Rei Ayanami, Winter Doll as Asku Langley Soryu, Loki Heart as Mari Makinami Illustious, and  Elysse as Shinji Ikari (Gender-Bend)


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