DIY Sweet Lolita Dress

IDK if this tutorial will be helpful to you but I’ll try my best to explain each step…

Let me just clear that I am not an expert in sewing or dressmaking I just used some common sense in sewing and putting things together in this project. You might be wondering where the hell did I get my pattern, I just altered a common blouse pattern based on my measurements. I believe there are free patterns online, you just have to search for one~YOU CAN DO IT!!!

First thing to do is to have a design and get a fabric of your choice, I used a cotton fabric with Hello Kitty prints all over. It’s really lightweight so I used another lightweight fabric for the lining.

Next is to prepare your materials like your patterns, fabrics, sewing machine, tailor’s chalk, matching thread, scissors, zipper or elastic thread, laces (it’s all about them laces baby), and embellishments if there are any.


Now,carefully pin and trace your patterns on your fabric and make sure you’ll leave an ample space for the seam allowance. Remember that whatever you did on your main fabric (HK in my case) you’ll have to do it as well on your lining fabric (pink fabric).


Cut and sew the pieces together to form your desired bodice (mine is a sweet heart/heart-shaped front bodice). Sew the lining on the sides (right side facing each other). Do not sew the bottom part of the bodice coz you’ll have to turn it inside out (but you have to hem its edge or serge/use a zig-zag stitch).

P_20160319_185713_1_p.jpg     P_20160319_191722_1_p.jpg

P_20160319_195232_1_p.jpg     P_20160319_191717_1_p.jpg

Once you turned it, you can finish the edges with a serger or a zigzag stitch or you can hem it too.Set your bodice aside.


To make a circle skirt, measure the bottom of your bodice (around it btw)or your waist, then divide it by 6.28. Get your fabric and fold it twice ( fold it in half then fold it again in half)


. Mark the fabric starting from the edge creating a semi-circle, then mark how long you want your skirt and create a semi-circle (mark it from edge to edge) then cut it. Hem the edges and do the same for your lining. I wont use a zipper but I’ll be shirring an elastic thread at the back so I added 4 inches on to my back bodice. You can refer to this video for a circle skirt tutorial.


I used 4″ wide of my main fabric together with my lining coz I’ll be sewing 3 tiers or layers onto my skirt.

 I finished the edges of the first layer of my main fabric with a bias tape piping, while I used a white lace for the 2nd, 3rd and last layer of the skirt. I also used a white lace to finish the bottom edges of my lining.


Stitch your skirt and top together using a running stitch.

I used 2″ wide of my main fabric for my straps. I measure how long I want it to be, marked and cut it. I hemmed the edges and sewn a white lace below the hem and sewn it together with my top and skirt.


I decorated my dress with lots of bows (I’m gonna make a separate tutorial, but I hope you understand what I am saying for now…).


You need to make a box or a rectangle (whichever you like) and pinch its center and tie it using a ribbon or the same fabric (hand stitch it). Viola! You made your own bow! 

Make a couple of bows for your back skirt ( a big one), your head dress (2 bows tied together), hand cuffs, and lots moooore!!! I just inserted my head band into the bows I did. As for the hand cuffs, measure your wrist then I just cut and hemmed 2 matching strips of my main fabric, sewn a lace around it and topped it with a pink bow (my lining fabric). I secured it using an automatic. Here is a bow making tutorial video for you.


You can’t wear it without a petticoat so I also made my own petticoat (I’ll make a tutorial too if I have the time).

NOTE: As you can see, I only used 2 yards of fabric which is basically AIN’T ENOUGH for this project and since this is my first time to sew I  learned that I need to buy AT LEAST 2.5 or 3 yards of fabric for this kind of project since it’s sooo fluffeh and if I really want it to be all so ruffley or ruffle-ish (if there’s such a word). I also need to buy AT LEAST 1 or 2 yards of tulle…sorry but I only used scarps so it is also not enough, I think the tulle that I used was only 1/2 yard LOL (I ain’t finished yet). So this project is still pending since I need to make tons of pink bows using my lining fabric and I still need to finish my petticoat once I get to buy a pink tulle.

I’m sorry if I don’t have photos when I was making the skirt or the cuffs because I forgot to take photos during the process…I’ll try my best to make a video tutorial, butI hope you understand the process for now 😛



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