~feeding problem? the enemies tend to eat you alive???

why not try to reincarnate using Wraith king’s ulti (reincarnation)?

stupid screencap

My Wraith King is looking flashy with all that swag 😛

(sorry for my stupid screencap…)

I already mentioned before that my teammates tend to bash me

~whenever I feed

so, a friend told me to try WK ‘coz he’s fairly easy to use

(perfect for a beginner like me)

~He’s also tanky and durable, it’ll take time for me to at least feed ~ 

It would also take time for the enemies to gank you since you can easily escape using his first skill: Wraithfire Blast (it slows and stuns the enemies…it also deals damage to them) …

It will also be hard for them to kill you since you can easily regain life thanks to his second skill: Vampiric Aura(it is a passive skill that’ll give you vampirism or that so called life steal)

~BTW Vampiric Aura helps me farm for osm items (get ready for the late game~biatch!!!)

His third skill: Mortal Strike, is also a passive skill which will give you a chance to deal a huge amount of damage/critical hit to your enemies (take note that this skill will only give you a CHANCE alright? a CHANCE!!!) I find it helpful for my last hits~ka-ching!!!

Finally, my fave skill is his ulti: Reincarnate (grants you rebirth and slows enemy after it) It’s like an Aegis of the Immortal without the slowing effect…

I wont feed anymore!!! yey!

See? He’s fairly easy to use with 2 passsive abilities but keep in mind that you need know when to push or to go back …since you have a second life in stored, it’s better to be the initiator in a clash … you can also be the disabler using your stun and most obviously the carry of your team given that you’re already strong with all that farming and osm items ~LOL

P.S. watch out for your mana ‘coz he doesn’t have an osm mana pool despite the fact that his skills are quite mana costly … you need to know when to use your first skill or not (use it for a sure kill/gank otherwise, save your mana for reincarnate) because without enough mana, your reincarnate will be meaningless and will also make you worthless…

His item build will depend on how you want him to turn out  or how the situation goes…

~but as for me, here’s my item list for a late game and good standing in the game LOL: treads, armlet of mordigan(upgrade to heart of tarrasque), mjolnir, silver edge/dagger, assault cuirass, and desolator



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