~After several failed attempts of being our team’s carry …

I decided to quit it already and try to play other roles such as the: SUPPORT!!!

This role is uber OSM since I don’t need to purchase many items thus I don’t really need to draw last hits~ HOORAY!!! and less items mean less buttons to click~ HOORAY!!!

(BTW I have a very big issue with money-shots …

we have a love-hate relationship of some sort)

Seriously speaking… I actually love playing this role ‘coz I feel soooo  much loved!!! It’s as if my teammates can’t go on without me ~I feel so much needed especially when they tell me “buy cour supp!!!” “upgrade cour supp!” “buy dust stupid!!!” “get me my SOD f*ck*r!!!” “waaards!!!” ~and the like… 

Back then, the greatest challenge for me was picking the perfect support hero~

I tried playing several heroes but my favorite is LICH


Lich might look uncool and all but trust me… he’s the new COOL 

~with all that ice no one can be as cool as him!!!

Mana problems? Don’t worry ‘coz you wont have any simply by using his third skill: Sacrifice (sacrificing a friendly creep and converting its current hp to your mana) so go on and cast … I mean spam your first skill: Frost Blast all you want ~ LOL!!!

(Frost Blast blasts the target enemy unit with damaging frost, dealing area damage and slowing movement and attack rates for 4 seconds. The primary target takes the most damage)

I usually use frost Blast to harass my enemies or by drawing money shots … it’s also a good skill to initiate a gank or to escape an enemy ‘coz it’ll slow ’em down … it’s really OSM 

His second skill: Ice Armor (creates a shield around the target friendly unit, which adds armor and slows attacking units. Lasts 40 seconds.) I tend to use this while pushing a tower by casting it on a friendly creep or on an ally. I also cast this on my allies upon a possible gank or clash … I also cast Frost Armor on our tiers and towers to somehow give them an
additional armor/protection!!!

Finally, his ulti: Chain Frost is the best thing evaaa!!! (Chain Frost releases an orb of frost that bounces up to 10 times, slowing and damaging enemy units. The first target is mini-stunned.) I sure love seeing that white thinggy bounce 5ever especially when I’ve already upgraded my item to Aghanim’s Scepter!!! 

Lich is fairly easy to use and a great support. He’s an osm nuker and enemies would definitely think twice before ganking him solo …

~I tend to panic a lot especially when enemies try to gank me, so whenever there’s a gank…

I usually cast frost armor on myself so slow them while hitting me (don’t forget to hit your mekanism) and then cast frost blast to slow them even more and finally cast my chain frost for a potential kill … thankfully, my OSM teammates are already there to help me before I get eaten and eventually die~LOL 

NOTE: Being my team’s support is actually a fun role to play especially when i have the proper items that they need ‘coz I love to support and help my team … but please be reminded that even if I’m just a support it doesn’t give you any right to give me stupid and unreasonable commands and it also doesn’t give you the authority to tell me do things in a rude manner … ‘coz if you do…I most probably wont obey you!!! biatch!!!



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