DOTA 2 and Too much Trash Talking

It’s been raining like forever…. bad day it is!!! 

~You will definitely experience a bad day that will affect your game play,

but that doesn’t mean that you’re bad at this game.

Always remember that having a bad game play doesn’t make you a lesser player ‘coz even the professionals also experience having a bad game play every once in a while.

What’s important is that you know how to keep your cool … especially when your teammates stars to blame, flame and bash you.

Being cool-headed in this game is a difficult task and seems to be almost impossible ‘coz most of the time, players (allies/enemies) will do anything to provoke the hell out of you.

No matter what you do … even if you already gave your best …

there will still be harsh players bringing you down… but we can never blame their maturity level or how cheap they can be…

as for me~I don’t usually trash talk and blame my teammates nor my enemies …

~but I am not saying that I don’t! I do, yes… I sure do, if and only if they initiated it. I never initiated the trash talking nor do I give rude comments without any valid reason…

(~and when I do… congratulations then, ‘coz most of the time… I DON’T!!!)

~But there are times that you wanted to burst it all out because they’veprovoked you real good … yeah!!! so so so so so good that you’ll definitely rage and say harsh stuff that you’ll eventually regret!!!

” I hate it when everybody’s just too effi’n brave just because they’re hiding behind a pseudo name

~So the question goes down to this: How do you deal with trash talking from your teammates and enemies?

‘coz I sure don’t know how to deal with that … especially when the trash talking gets too intense from both parties!!!

So I’ve thought of some solutions … I sure hope that they’ll help:

1. Ignore and pretend not to hear or see their bad comments… and secretly laugh at their immaturity 

2. Mute them when they start to trash talk and bash you. Show them how many f*cks you’ll give… NOPE! ZERO F*CKS GIVEN BRUH~


3. Repeat numbers 1 and 2 ‘coz I can’t think of anything else…is there any other way to deal with this kind of situation? 

P.S. Play with your friends instead … they wont trash talk you nor will they blame you for anything and if they do, it’s nothing personal since you’re friends and that’s what friends are for LOL



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