DIY Cosplay Costume: Ja’far

This is an over due/pending cosplan (I bought the materials 3 years ago).

I’ve been in love with the story of Magi The Labyrinth of Magic and I personally got interested in Jafar. He’s very loyal to his master, he’s kind and gentle but he’s definitely got that mysterious side that I want to know more. I am not that good in cross dressing but I am confident enough that I’ll be able to cosplay Jafar coz he has that feminine face

(nothing to worry about).

Again, I AM NOT AN EXPERT IN SEWING…I just used some commong sense in sewing to put things together. I may have watched several youtube tutorials as I made this costume. I advise you to watch or read some related tutorials before making your own costume.

Let’s get started!!!


First is to print your reference photo of course. Next, is to find the perfect fabric for this project. gather your materials such as your patterns, fabrics, scissors, tailor’s chalk, tape measure, ruler, black ribbon, gold lining/lace, etc.

Search for a kimono pattern online and alter the pattern base on your own  measurements.I had a hard time with the sleeves because I am not used to making long sleeves so it turned out to be kind’a fitted LOL.


So, pin your pattern on to your fabric. Trace it carefully and cut the fabric with an ample amount of seam allowance. I used the wrong side of the fabric because the right side is way too shiny for this project thus, I marked on the right side of the fabric.

I didn’t use a lining fabric which I think was a major mistake that I did. I should’ve used a lining coz my fabric is kind’a hot to wear.

Once you already cut your fabric it’s time to assemble the pieces together. You should have 2 sleeves, 1 back and 2 front or 1 front. Do not forget to serge or hem or whatever technique you want to use to finish the edges because the fabric that I used is a real pain~IT KEPT ON FRAYING LIKE HELL!!!


I usually pin the pieces together before I sew them. The pins serve as my guide~so yeah it’s very helpful to use pins!P_20160402_135730_1_p.jpg

Sew the shoulders together (right sides facing each other coz I am using the wrong side). Sew the sleeves together with the armholes, hem the bottom of the sleeves (do not close the sleeves yet) and sew on the gold lining. now’s the time to close the sleeves and the side of your bodice.


Next is to make the lining of your top. I used a green fabric and black ribbons and carefully sewn the ribbons forming lots of diamonds (it’s a hard task, I recommend to use black textile paint instead).


Sew on the green lining on to your top. I didn’t use darts on my top because I’ll be using a sash/belt or obi-ish thinggy (idk what’s called)to achieve a good fit.


In making this obi-thinngy, all you have to do is to measure your waist and measure how wide you want it to be. Cut your green fabric based on your measurements and hem the edges then, sew on the gold lining before attaching your lock. I used velco in securing this belt. Don’t forget the green lining with black overlapping diamonds around that loin cloth thinggy haha. Measure how long and wide you want your loin cloth then cut the fabric. Hem the sides and sewn on your green lining then sew it together with your obi.


For the skirt, I measured the circumference of my top then divide it by two. I then drafted a pattern with 20″ width and 34″ length. The width of the bottom skirt was 30″ ( you may wish to make it wider but since I lacked the fabric in making this project, I just settled with 30″ instead). Cut 2 pieces of your skirt (back and front) then hem the edges. Sew the pieces together then, sew the front skirt on to the front of your top and around until you reached the back of your top (right sides together then turn it inside out).


Your pieces should look like this. Clean off your project by cutting excess threads (sorry for that messy background). 

As for that veil thinggy (idk what’s called), I simply measured howlong and wide I wanted it to be then cut my green fabric and hemmed the edges (it’s basically just a rectangle). No need to worry since you’ll be making Jafar’s headdress in securing that veil on to your head.


I’ll just have to find a nice pair of black doll shoes and an inner shirt.

Next tutorial is DIY Jafar accessories and weapon…

’til then,



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