TO ME!!!

 There is too much birthday feels in this post!!!

I would like to thank my family and friends

whom wished me a happy birthday!!!

I am so grateful for your prayers, wishes and messages…

I will keep them all in my heart…

Thank you guys for playing and keeping up with me despite my shortcomings…

you guys never flame and blame me for my mistakes…(that’s how cool you guys are!!!)

Let’s continue to play some more!!! Until I become as OSM as you guys are!!!

THANK YOU GUYS!!!~y’all are OSM!!!

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank PHOBIA

for this gift I received especially for my birthday!!!

THANKS DUDE!!! this made my day~LOL

~I was wondering what’s inside…gwgs

Thanks for the birthday message dude!!!vrvs

~and here it is!!! a cute immortal monkey (Bonkers the Mad) for Witch Doctor…

(I think I’ve used WD like once or twice before… It’s about time to play with him some more…just because… CUTE MONKEY…that’s why!!!)hvbsu

I need to practice playing Witch Doctor then~

my fingers are ready~LOL (too many buttons to hit/smash)


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