nikkinikki plays LOL, srsly?

hai-hai!!! that’s T.R.U.E.

I’ve been playing League of Legends Philippine Server (LOL Ph.) recently

now, before you start making conclusions (like I quit DOTA 2 because I’m a noob, I’m weak, I can’t take the flaming, trash talking and bashing anymore, I always feed, and other lame excuses) why not try asking me why-when-and-how…

WHY? Because of our faulty internet connection THAT’S WHY!!! Don’t even dare telling me to purchase a better internet connection provider because I’m in a contract with my current net provider for 2 effin years!!! (and they wont fix them faulty connections for effin’s sake!!!)

So, I tried playing League of Legends even though I don’t want to, but…VIOLA!!!

no lags, dc’s and issues at all (nah! I still experience lags, dc’s and high pings, but it’s minimal as compared to when I play DOTA 2) and if I ever experience these issues, I can easily quit a game and I wont be in LP (low priority) hahaha what’s up with that? Ain’t that SWEET? Yeah~LOL for now…I guess???

WHEN? Ever since our connection went LTE from Wimax~by F.O.R.C.E (I think Wimax is much better given to our situation and current location as compared to LTE) I tried calling them and asking them to revert my previous connection but they told me that’s impossible.. *cries*

~I currently I play LOL every morning (during the summer vacation) and evenings (after work) I also play every afternoon if the internet connection is not being a biatch…

HOW: Idk how…I just got bored since I can’t play DOTA 2 so I tried it ‘coz I already have an account…I got it when I attended PGF (Pinoy Gaming Fiesta) last year. The account that they gave me is already at level 30and comes with free champions and runes as well. OSM!

~LOL is honestly fun and easy to play…or maybe because DOTA 2 is more complex???

 IDK I just find LOL easy to play so I think I’ll continue playing this shiz until our internet connection gets better (suffering from a chronic disease??? lol )

~or until I find a new game to play~ ciao!



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