Manila Major 2016 Medusa Cosplay


I hate going outside (I seldom going outside and prefer playing games, reading mangas or watching dramas inside the house) So, I didn’t get a chance to join the hype last ESL one Manila (didn’t even bothered to go in costume/cosplay as my fave DOTA 2 hero…which is a huge mistake! I should’ve went instead and had a chance to meet them OSM players). I just stayed indoors and watched the games via OL streaming huehuehue 

But the Manila Major  is a different thing i guess, since I managed to get some tickets and even got the time to craft a costume to show the love for DOTA 2 and volvo lol 

I joined the cosplay competition to show my support and love for DOTA 2 and it was wicked sick!!! I was surprised that there were a lot of DOTA 2 cosplayers who participated during the prejudging !!! The costumes they wore were exceptional and you know that they’ve devoted huge amount of fund, effort and time in crafting their costumes (in less than 2 weeks time~JUST LIKE ME LOL)

Manila Major Cosplay Contest

I decided to cosplay Medusa in her set—> Eye of the beholder since her costume is insane!!! I also know that there are a lot of DOTA 2 players (carry/mid laners/ safe laners) that likes her. (chinese doto???)

I mean, there are only a few female DOTA 2 heroes  with amazing costumes and worth crafting.Yeah mirana and Luna would be great choices but I was thinking that I wont make it in time if I cosplayed Mirana or Luna just because they have a mount and travel wise they’re not that easy to travel with lol

Death prophet and Lina are both floating in mid-air yeah!!! so that’s out of the question. P.A arcana is unrealistic with all those glowing auras but feasible… Vengeful Spirit, Wind Ranger, Templar Assassin and Drow Ranger are too common…EZ lol just kidding, Naga Siren’s breast plate looks nude haha i don’t like it, Enchantress is cute orayt (not my thing)~so I’ve no choice but to cosplay her huehuehue (don’t even suggest spectre)

The hardest part of crafting the costume is TIME!!! I ain’t got time since it’s Brigada Eskuwela during that time and my grand mother also passed away (God bless her soul) so, I hard a really hard time finding time to craft the costume!!!! (so redundant)

I went to witness the group stage live to show my support for team OG in their fight against team MVP Phoenix . Good thing they won but it was really crazy coz I have to go back home right after their match because I have to work with my costume coz it ain’t finished yet LOL

My other cosplay paraphernalia got in time like my lens, wig, makeup an other stuff so there’s nothing much to worry. Luckily we managed to finish the costume on time and even got into top 10!!! LUCKY ME!!! I got a chance to compete for the competition and even watch the finals for free!!!~sweet!!! (btw, I’ve wasted my purchased tickets haha lol)

I did a lot of misplays and it was a disaster during my catwalk since I can’t see my props (items, courier and creep). I CAN’T SEE CLEARLY ON STAGE!!! I wasn’t able to interact with my props~ SO SAD!!! I didn’t got the chance to utilize them during my skit it was really disappointing!!!


I didn’t won but I was really happy that team OG won!!! I even brought an OG banner for love’s sake hahaha it was a great experience for me!

I was kind’a sad since I didn’t even had any consolation prize hahaha you know, an in-game item is all I need to cheer up or perhaps a hero plushie? hahaha but I still felt good since there were a lot of DOTA 2 players/fans who cheered and rooted for me 🙂 ~they even showed me their support and told me that I did great (thanks guys!)

I am actually still blown away with the cosplay competition!!!

(walking on that stage with a huge crowd…I think that was the biggest audience I ever graced upon my entire cosplay life)


I am sorry if you might find my cosplay ugly or irritating (we’re peenoise after all)

but hey! that’s Medusa for you!!! (in less than 2-weeks crafting time, what would you expect???) so yeah, Gorgons guide me!!!

Here’s the video of our catwalk during



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