Growing Marigolds by seed


(CTTO) would you look at these lovely flowers 🌸🌸🌸

Tagetes is a genus of annual or perennial, mostly herbaceous plants in the sunflower family. It was described as a genus by Linnaeus in 1753. The genus is native to North and South America, but some species have become naturalized around the world. Wikipedia


I admit that idk anything about planting nor gardening, I just picked these packs of seeds by accident and decided to plant them out of curiosity 😘


They’re called “marigold” and if ever you happen to play plants vs. zombies, then I know what you’re thinking 😂 but trust me they might not give you that gold coin but planting them would definitely give you a sense of fulfillment

Marigolds are annuals but you can plant them anytime of the year here in the Philippines since we’re a tropical country and marigolds love the sun ❤️

They’re fairly easy to grow and suits newbies, noobs and beginner gardeners like me 👍

~nuff with the talk and let’s get the dice rolling



First, prepare your materials such as the seeds, potting tray, potting soil, watering can and shovel

Next, decide on what method to use to germinate the seeds (you can use the paper towel technique or simply put them into the moist potting mix about a few centimeters from the ground)


These are actually 2day old sprouts, they look kind’a leggy and yellowish ‘coz i started them indoors, so what I did is i transferred them outdoor but still in a shady area of my yard 16487475_404618309892478_6058319105762742243_o

Once they started sprouting by week 2 or 3, I transplanted them into individual styro cups with proper draining holes (I still used the potting mix that I bought from the supermarket)


I always keep the soil moist during the germination period btw, so here’s a photo of my marigold seedlings when I transplanted them. As you can see, they’re still placed in a shady area without direct sunlight ‘coz I don’t want them to get shocked by the sudden change in their environment


I can already detect the strong ones from the little ones. I actually made a mistake and just sprinkled both the frilly francais and petite gold into the tray. I should’ve labeled them instead. Nevertheless, I was glad that I had 100% success rate in germinating the seeds(but always keep in mind to label your sprouts)


Here, I already transplanted them into pots. I mixed in 2parts ipa (lol) : 1part dirt and added in fertilizer. I also made a mistake here, I should’ ve loosen the root ball’s soil first before I transplanted them into the pots (I think, these are 3-4 week old sprouts)


(please ignore my bell peppers) 😂

I chose only the bigger ones to be transplanted into pots with good soil, and left the other sprouts in their respective cups. I also spray them with some liquid fertilizer once a week or once every two weeks.

Now, during my 5th or 6th week I had a huge issue with  leaf miners

I don’t have a photo of the infestation but it was really horrible!!! What I did was used the soap-spray method once a week during the morning. I also check for aphids or spider mites just to be sure. Luckily, I think the soap-spray got them. I also bought an all around insecticidal spray just to be sure.

But, just when I thought that everything is already okay, another unwanted enemy invited itself into my marigold bed. S-L-U-G-S!!! Yes, slugs!!! It was late in the evening when I decided to check on my marigolds using my flashlight and to my surprise I saw something attached to one of my plants.


My marigold’s lower leaves and stems were already destroyed to my dismay. I picked it and it was a happy slug It seems that they like healthy young plants


Other than slugs ans leaf miners, everything seems fine so I’ll be posting and updating my marigold adventure until next time! Can’t wait for my marigolds to bloom


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