Some Possible Reasons Why You’re Losing in DOTA 2

I think my summer vacation won’t do me any good

ha-ha-ha road to forever 1k monkey here I come!!!


here’s a sudden update of my ever OSM DOTA 2 profile (oh the horror!!!)

Recently, I haven’t been winning any games may it be normal or ranked match (solo queuing or not) I wonder why???

I even tried playing other heroes but to no avail; teammates throwing, me feeding, everyone flaming … ughhhh so frustrating!!!

They told me to take a break…but no matter how many breaks i did… I STILL LOSE

Now, I really wonder what to do … oh green days comeback to me!!!


R E D D A Y S R E A L I Z A T I O N:

(here are some probable cause why I/we am/are losing in a STREAK and how to overcome them)

1.DO NOT PLAY when the jejekids are ALIVE… I mean, there’s 99.9% that you’ll be teaming up with them rather than playing against them so better AVOID them at all cost!!! Normally they’ll be playing whole day this summer vacation ( ‘coz they ain’t got school and stuff), why not try playing from midnight ’til morning?

2.You won’t win a solo ranked match at SEA server 2k average MMR bracket if you’ll play as a hard support. Keep in mind that you need to play a support hero whom is versatile enough to be a carry when all else fails. (It’s not being bida-bida but more of just helping your stupid noob dumpsh*t team)

3.Learn how to CARRY!!! F-yeah!!! You ain’t got no one to rely on but YOURSELF!!! (this one’s hard for me, since y’all know IDK how to play as a carry) As much as possible~do not rely on your teammates (don’t get me wrong, I know how much  import TEAMWORK is, but in the 2k MMR bracket at SEA server I’m telling you everyone’s a b*tch and you don’t give your best to carry your team…THEN, NOBODY WOULD)

4.TAKE A REST. Yes, I know you’ve already heard of this one but I think it still works. Perhaps you’re just too tired or frustrated that you wanna win so much that’s why fate would make fun of you by either giving you throwers and feeders as teammates or simply letting you lose without any valid reason (legit right?)

5. You’ve been CURSED!!! There’s no other way but to uninstall DOTA 2 and install LOL real quick! I couldn’t think of anything else…IDK why I keep on losing oh well, better find a new game to play with then…


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