Ragnarok Festival 2017

Everyone’s hyping about the return of #RangnarokOnline, no wonder since it has been a thing during the 2000’s

It was first launched in the Philipines during the year 2002, i was a sixth grader back then… (it lasted for 15 epic years)

I can still remember asking money from my pop/mom to buy a top up card (i collected different denominations btw) and rent a pc at a pc shop not so near our house where there’s a dozen of male monkeys playing the same game as me 😂

I hate them btw! They don’y know what privacy is (they keep peeking at my pc) nor do they how to take a bath, they even desguise themselves as a female duh (rant)

Anyway… There was this free trial that my bro introduced to me, i think it was double experience during tht time, so i bagan grinding levels as a novice~ then tried the swordsman job which i felt at ease but i remember making a female hunter just becuse she has a flashy falcon 😉

It was my first MMORPG since we’re more into console gaming back then. It was nice grinding levels, talking to strangers, dealing and trading, joining a guild and participating in a WOE etc. Everything was a first for me, so i hold Philippine Ragnarok Online dear to me

So when we heard about the breaking news that it will shut down due to some reasons everyone was shocked and saddened. We even tried playing Ragnarok 2 at SG server and TOS but nothing beats the original.

So when i heard about its comeback, it felt really nostalgic on my part. I was excited to attend the event but i even gotten more excited since i was chosen to be one of the judges of the cosplay competition. I’ve been judging local cosplay events,  but this one’s special for me since it’s one of my childhood fandom.

I searched my stock room for my old ragnarok costumes but a blacksmith nor a kafra (c/o loki heart)  will suffice this event thus, i fixed my female runeknight costume which won the last Level Up Live Cosplay Event as the Best Female Cosplay to show my fandom and support

I was initially shocked with how long the queue was! From fourth floor ’til the second floor was just nuts! It goes to show how much fans the game has! It’ s fun that i was able to see familiar faces during the event. The event still features the epic headgear making contest which is one of my favorite side event. The event was jam packed, and the crow’s hype was surreal! There were also loots for the fans ( pins, mouse pads, posters, T. Shirts, and PORINGS!!!)

I know that Ragnarok Online made a huge impact in our lives. I can’t deny that a lot of Filipinos will go #balikRagna. It is one of the most anticipated comebacks in the year 2017. So gear up and register for the closed beta testing on June 20,2017, more information here at https://ragnarokonline.com.ph

Kitakits mga ka Ragna and ROK ON!!!


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