Growing Celosia Castle Pink from Seed

Hi! The summer is almost over here in the tropical island namely, Philippines! Good news that my Celosia Castle Pink flowers survived the extreme weather!!!

Know more about celosia castle pink  Here

I actually do not have any idea when i picked the seed pack at our local grocery store. I just picked it coz I was looking for a new flower to grow and pink is my favorite color.


I was surprised with how minute the seeds were! So i was extra careful in handling them. I used the same method of germination and when the seedlings sprout and grew their first set if leaves I started placing them outside the house to get an ample amount of sunshine and get used to the outside weather.


When their leaves started to grow that’s the time I transplanted them into my styro cups with holes and still used the potting soil that I used with my marigolds. I tend to keep it moist once in a while… I always let my babies drink but not to much!


After a while, they grew bigger and bigger and grew luscious leaves that the bugs and insects loves to eat so I used some organic spray to get rid of the pests that were eating my celosias.

17620396_430288870658755_7651923047200439463_o    17814249_434502716904037_1110140935630718092_o

Here are the beautiful flowers. Castle pink as they’re called because of their beautiful bright pink color and castle-like shape.


Celosia castle pink are easy to plant and grow. They’re low maintenance flowers that can withstand hot weather. When the flowers lose their color start cutting them to promote new flower growth. Let the flower dry to collect new seeds for future planting.

I think I’ll stick with this flower. I wont directly plant them ibto the soil though. I will just keep them in their respective pots since they’re small and can only grow up to 10-12inches tall.





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