TNC High Grounds Cafe Grand Opening

Hello 🐣 this is the latest gig that I’ve been to – – – -> the TNC High Grounds Cafe Grand Opening last February 8, 2017 (Wednesday) located at #67 Scout Rallos Thomas Morato, Quezon City


TNC High Grounds Cafe is NOT your typical e-sports hub ‘coz aside from it’s OSM food selections it is also powered by Predator’ s G1 and G3’s (110 units of it alright!) with intel icore i7 and internet connection up to 500mbp, what could a gamer possibly ask for???


(i was spazzing with this gigantic Predator logo/props) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


So again, together with my cosplayer friends… Β we graced upon the event with our flashy costumes from every gamers’ favorite console/online games

(c) to UP gaming guild for this photo ✌️

There were tons of gamers and enthusiasts during the event and they were given free shirts πŸ‘ There were also media, bloggers, well known people in the e-sport business in the event but what really completed it was the presence of the Filipino pride and the recently concluded Champion of WESG 2017: TNC Pro Team


~check their page here: http://www.facebook.com/TNCProTeamDota2


It was an osm experience for me as a cosplayer and a fellow e-sport enthusiast

I’ll definitely visit this place…prolly this coming summer πŸ˜‹


Growing Celosia Castle Pink from Seed

Hi! The summer is almost over here in the tropical island namely, Philippines! Good news that my Celosia Castle Pink flowers survived the extreme weather!!!

Know more about celosia castle pink Β Here

I actually do not have any idea when i picked the seed pack at our local grocery store. I just picked it coz I was looking for a new flower to grow and pink is my favorite color.


I was surprised with how minute the seeds were! So i was extra careful in handling them. I used the same method of germination and when the seedlings sprout and grew their first set if leaves I started placing them outside the house to get an ample amount of sunshine and get used to the outside weather.


When their leaves started to grow that’s the time I transplanted them into my styro cups with holes and still used the potting soil that I used with my marigolds. I tend to keep it moist once in a while… I always let my babies drink but not to much!


After a while, they grew bigger and bigger and grew luscious leaves that the bugs and insects loves to eat so I used some organic spray to get rid of the pests that were eating my celosias.

17620396_430288870658755_7651923047200439463_oΒ  Β Β 17814249_434502716904037_1110140935630718092_o

Here are the beautiful flowers. Castle pink as they’re called because of their beautiful bright pink color and castle-like shape.


Celosia castle pink are easy to plant and grow. They’re low maintenance flowers that can withstand hot weather. When the flowers lose their color start cutting them to promote new flower growth. Let the flower dry to collect new seeds for future planting.

I think I’ll stick with this flower. I wont directly plant them ibto the soil though. I will just keep them in their respective pots since they’re small and can only grow up to 10-12inches tall.




Ragnarok Festival 2017 Cosplay Competition

Here are some snaps that i took using my crappy fone πŸ€—πŸ˜‰

Thank you to all the cosplayers who graced upon the event. I honestly saw the fandom in each participant especially when they imitated their stance and signature moves (it was so epic and nostalgic!) it’s good to see our favorite ragnarok charcters come to life.

Congratulations to the winners! Mevhanic + mount, goblin and valkyrie randgris. Osm costumes and skits btw πŸ‘

P. S. Do not overkill the poor poring πŸ˜‚ thank you


Here are some photos with my co-judges: bebe krizdel 😚 and marko


I also luckily bumped into the famous pinoy youtuber LorelynF ❀️ (kindly subscribe to her channel) She did a short interview of some sort πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

That’s it for now, until next event…

~Or until i become enthusiastic in writing/blogging again πŸ˜ŒπŸ™„πŸ€”

Ragnarok Festival 2017

Everyone’s hyping about the return of #RangnarokOnline, no wonder since it has been a thing during the 2000’s

It was first launched in the Philipines during the year 2002, i was a sixth grader back then… (it lasted for 15 epic years)

I can still remember asking money from my pop/mom to buy a top up card (i collected different denominations btw) and rent a pc at a pc shop not so near our house where there’s a dozen of male monkeys playing the same game as me πŸ˜‚

I hate them btw! They don’y know what privacy is (they keep peeking at my pc) nor do they how to take a bath, they even desguise themselves as a female duh (rant)

Anyway… There was this free trial that my bro introduced to me, i think it was double experience during tht time, so i bagan grinding levels as a novice~ then tried the swordsman job which i felt at ease but i remember making a female hunter just becuse she has a flashy falcon πŸ˜‰

It was my first MMORPG since we’re more into console gaming back then. It was nice grinding levels, talking to strangers, dealing and trading, joining a guild and participating in a WOE etc. Everything was a first for me, so i hold Philippine Ragnarok Online dear to me

So when we heard about the breaking news that it will shut down due to some reasons everyone was shocked and saddened. We even tried playing Ragnarok 2 at SG server and TOS but nothing beats the original.

So when i heard about its comeback, it felt really nostalgic on my part. I was excited to attend the event but i even gotten more excited since i was chosen to be one of the judges of the cosplay competition. I’ve been judging local cosplay events, Β but this one’s special for me since it’s one of my childhood fandom.

I searched my stock room for my old ragnarok costumes but a blacksmith nor a kafra (c/o loki heart) Β will suffice this event thus, i fixed my female runeknight costume which won the last Level Up Live Cosplay Event as the Best Female Cosplay to show my fandom and support

I was initially shocked with how long the queue was! From fourth floor ’til the second floor was just nuts! It goes to show how much fans the game has! It’ s fun that i was able to see familiar faces during the event. The event still features the epic headgear making contest which is one of my favorite side event. The event was jam packed, and the crow’s hype was surreal! There were also loots for the fans ( pins, mouse pads, posters, T. Shirts, and PORINGS!!!)

I know that Ragnarok Online made a huge impact in our lives. I can’t deny that a lot of Filipinos will go #balikRagna. It is one of the most anticipated comebacks in the year 2017. So gear up and register for the closed beta testing on June 20,2017, more information here at https://ragnarokonline.com.ph

Kitakits mga ka Ragna and ROK ON!!!

Some Possible Reasons Why You’re Losing in DOTA 2

I think my summer vacation won’t do me any good

ha-ha-ha road to forever 1k monkey here I come!!!


here’s a sudden update of my ever OSM DOTA 2 profile (oh the horror!!!)

Recently, I haven’t been winning any games may it be normal or ranked match (solo queuing or not) I wonder why???

I even tried playing other heroes but to no avail; teammates throwing, me feeding, everyone flaming … ughhhh so frustrating!!!

They told me to take a break…but no matter how many breaks i did… I STILL LOSE

Now, I really wonder what to do … oh green days comeback to me!!!


R E D D A Y S R E A L I Z A T I O N:

(here are some probable cause why I/we am/are losing in a STREAK and how to overcome them)

1.DO NOT PLAYΒ when the jejekids are ALIVE… I mean, there’s 99.9% that you’ll be teaming up with them rather than playing against them so better AVOID them at all cost!!! Normally they’ll be playing whole day this summer vacation ( ‘coz they ain’t got school and stuff), why not try playing from midnight ’til morning?

2.You won’tΒ win a solo ranked match at SEA server 2k average MMR bracket if you’ll play as a hard support. Keep in mind that you need to play a support hero whom is versatile enough to be a carry when all else fails. (It’s not being bida-bida but more of just helping your stupid noob dumpsh*t team)

3.Learn how to CARRY!!! F-yeah!!! You ain’t got no one to rely on but YOURSELF!!! (this one’s hard for me, since y’all know IDK how to play as a carry) As much as possible~do not rely on your teammates (don’t get me wrong, I know how much Β import TEAMWORK is, but in the 2k MMR bracket at SEA serverΒ I’m telling you everyone’s a b*tch and you don’t give your best to carry your team…THEN, NOBODY WOULD)

4.TAKE A REST. Yes, I know you’ve already heard of this one but I think it still works. Perhaps you’re just too tired or frustrated that you wanna win so much that’s why fate would make fun of you by either giving you throwers and feeders as teammates or simply letting you lose without any valid reason (legit right?)

5. You’ve been CURSED!!! There’s no other way but to uninstall DOTA 2 and install LOL real quick! I couldn’t think of anything else…IDK why I keep on losing oh well, better find a new game to play with then…

Growing Marigolds by seed


(CTTO) would you look at these lovely flowers 🌸🌸🌸

Tagetes is a genus of annual or perennial, mostly herbaceous plants in the sunflower family. It was described as a genus by Linnaeus in 1753. The genus is native to North and South America, but some species have become naturalized around the world. Wikipedia


I admit that idk anything about planting nor gardening, I just picked these packs of seeds by accident and decided to plant them out of curiosity 😘


They’re called “marigold” and if ever you happen to play plants vs. zombies, then I know what you’re thinking πŸ˜‚ but trust me they might not give you that gold coin but planting them would definitely give you a sense of fulfillment

Marigolds are annuals but you can plant them anytime of the year here in the Philippines since we’re a tropical country and marigolds love the sun ❀️

They’re fairly easy to grow and suits newbies, noobs and beginner gardeners like me πŸ‘

~nuff with the talk and let’s get the dice rolling



First, prepare your materials such as the seeds, potting tray, potting soil, watering can and shovel

Next, decide on what method to use to germinate the seeds (you can use the paper towel technique or simply put them into the moist potting mix about a few centimeters from the ground)


These are actually 2day old sprouts, they look kind’a leggy and yellowish ‘coz i started them indoors, so what I did is i transferred them outdoor but still in a shady area of my yard 16487475_404618309892478_6058319105762742243_o

Once they started sprouting by week 2 or 3, I transplanted them into individual styro cups with proper draining holes (I still used the potting mix that I bought from the supermarket)


I always keep the soil moist during the germination period btw, so here’s a photo of my marigold seedlings when I transplanted them. As you can see, they’re still placed in a shady area without direct sunlight ‘coz I don’t want them to get shocked by the sudden change in their environment


I can already detect the strong ones from the little ones. I actually made a mistake and just sprinkled both the frilly francais and petite gold into the tray. I should’ve labeled them instead. Nevertheless, I was glad that I had 100% success rate in germinating the seeds(but always keep in mind to label your sprouts)


Here, I already transplanted them into pots. I mixed in 2parts ipa (lol) : 1part dirt and added in fertilizer. I also made a mistake here, I should’ ve loosen the root ball’s soil first before I transplanted them into the pots (I think, these are 3-4 week old sprouts)


(please ignore my bell peppers) πŸ˜‚

I chose only the bigger ones to be transplanted into pots with good soil, and left the other sprouts in their respective cups. I also spray them with some liquid fertilizer once a week or once every two weeks.

Now, during my 5th or 6th week I had a huge issue with Β leaf miners

I don’t have a photo of the infestation but it was really horrible!!! What I did was used the soap-spray method once a week during the morning. I also check for aphids or spider mites just to be sure. Luckily, I think the soap-spray got them. I also bought an all around insecticidal spray just to be sure.

But, just when I thought that everything is already okay, another unwanted enemy invited itself into my marigold bed. S-L-U-G-S!!! Yes, slugs!!! It was late in the evening when I decided to check on my marigolds using my flashlight and to my surprise I saw something attached to one of my plants.


My marigold’s lower leaves and stems were already destroyed to my dismay. I picked it and it was a happyΒ slugΒ It seems that they like healthy young plants


Other than slugs ans leaf miners, everything seems fine so I’ll be posting and updating my marigold adventure until next time! Can’t wait for my marigolds to bloom

DOTA 2 Level Update

Yay! Finally after 2 years (LOL) I’ve reached level 42 at long last!!!


ha-ha-ha!!! after two years … which means, I do NOT play much!!!

~can’t wait for my summer vacation (time to grind them levels)

see you guys at SEA server (where kansur israel)

see me stream hereΒ <—- my almost dead twitch channel πŸ˜›

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