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Team Haidee Vs Team Nikki Dota2 Showdown


Team Haidee Vs. Team Nikki + Dota2 Cosplay Collab Stream

Join me http://www.twitch.tv/playwithnikkinikki and haidee http://www.twitch.tv/haideerose as we cosplay Dota2 characters while streaming and playing on Octiber 29 (Sunday) at 8pm PH Time.

Drop by and say hi, join the lobby matches and join the chat.

Pick your team:
type 1 for Haidee and type 2 for Nikki.
Let the battle begin!!!

Happy Salmon Review and Playthrough

I certainly know that you’re very much familiar with a “salmon” but I bet NOT with a Image result for happy salmon“Happy Salmon”!!!

That is correct! Happy Salmon is an easy, light, fun and fast family/party game for 3-6 players by Ken Gruhl and Quentin Weir.

This is not your typical boardgame! No need for chairs ‘coz you need to stand and move around thus, a spacious place is also needed in playing this game.


How to Play:

  1. Each player will choose a color of their choice and will be dealt 12 cards. The objective is to discards all these cards.
  2. There is no turn order. Everyone calls out the action shown on their top card at the same time.
  3. When two players have a match, they celebrate by performing that action together, then discard their top card. If they fail to find a match they can wait for a match or put the card back to the bottom of their hand/stack and draw and call a new one.
  4. Keep doing this.  The first player to discard all his cards and shouts “Fin-ished!” will win the game.

Here are the terminologies and how to perform each action:

Image result for happy salmon

  1. High Five: simply giving a high five to your match
  2. Poud It: giving a quick bro-fist to your match
  3. Switcheroo: exchanging places to your match (while carrying your cards)
  4. Happy Salmon: making a flapping fin maneuver to your match

Happy Salmon is the perfect ice-breaker game for family and friends!!!

The key to winning the game is to be energetic and attentive with what the other players are yelling to quickly find your match.

Here is a quick playthrough with Cardboard Club friends during Karton Kon 2

Huge Shoutout to Denise and Vince for lending their Happy Salmon Game!!!

Thank you very much!!!

Animal Upon Animal Small and yet Great! Review

images (1)

Animal Upon Animal Small and yet Great is a 2-player dexterity game designed by Kalus Miltenberger and published by HABA

It is a 2-player smaller version of the original AuA however, in Animal upon Animal Small yet Great: the players need to be the first one to stack all their animals on the animal pyramid in order to win the game.

images (2)

This game includes 13 animals (2 of each: kangaroo, frog, duck, hedgehog, butterfly, polar bear and 1 crocodile). At the beginning of the game, players are distributed an equal number of animals at random (6 animals per player).

Each player should also roll the die in their turn. The outcome of the die roll will then determine the action that the player should perform.

A dot means you have to place one animal onto the alligator while two dots  mean to place two animals instead. You can also widen the alligator by placing an animal next to it, or give one of your animals to someone else to stack, or others choose which of your animals you must stack. Keep in mind that anyone who causes the stack to collapse must take one or two of the fallen animals back into their pool (the rest are removed from play).


This game is a travel or pocket version of the original AuA for 2-players. It is perfect too bring when you travel and just don’t want to bring those big bulky boardgame boxes. It is also an excellent good boardgame to introduce to your non-boardgamer friends. It is also a perfect game to past some time bacause of its fast paced game mechnics. Kids would also love this game, given that it has cute wooden pieces and just because it includes animals as components not to mention the simplicity of the game mechanics as well.  It also do not costs much so you may buy even 2 copies of this game if you want toplay with more people simultaneously.


What I find problematic and challenging at the same time in this game is that since it is compacted,  the animal pieces were really small!! I find it hard to place my pieces on the pyramid as it goes higher. You really need to have a good control of your pieces which is the challenge of the game. Do not forget to supervise the younger ones as they play this game because of choking hazard. You also need to be extra careful in playing or handling this game since the pieces being so small are prone to being lost. Finally, since everything is compacted, this game is limited to only 2players and would not be advisble if you’re in a big playgroup.

Verdict: 🖤💛💚💙💜💝💖

I give it a 7 out of 10 hearts!!! All in all, animal upon Animal Small YET Great is still a must have for your boardgame collection. Its simplicity will definitely give a unique taste to your collection.  Why not get a copy and try it for yourself!!!

What does your Solo MMR tells you?

Hello, it has been almost two years since I first started playing DOTA 2

and ever since then … I never played in Solo Ranked Matches simply because I am too afraid to find out my solo MMR

Yep, my solo MMR has been TBD for more than a year until I decided to finally play and finish all 10 matches!!!

~sadly, playing in the SEA server has brought out the kansur in me and literally made me a 2k pinoy monkey ha-ha-ha

behold~my 2k Solo MMR!!!


It’s both embarrassing and frustrating at the same time, I could’ve done better but I failed to do so 😂

So, what does your Solo MMR tells you?

  1. If you fall under the 1k bracket and below then definitely start quitting and uninstall DOTO for good 😋 (jk)

2. If you’re in the 2k bracket like me, then you’re a 2k pinoy monkey most likely a scrub who’s idolizing D0ndo and still believing that MMR is just a number…

BELIEVE ME, IT”S NOT!!! It’s NOT just a number ‘coz it’ s a matter of effort, experience and expertise

3. 3k-4k MMR warriors are mostly the same and had a lot of time figuring out their gpms and win:lose rate to get there

4. At 5k MMR is where you actually have the bragging rights to be part of a competetive team or so until they reach the 6k-7k bracket

5. Players at 7k and 8k respectively are mostly in the e-sport scene ‘coz they deserve to be there and they’re striving to stay!!!

6. There can only be ONE 9k MMR God Miracle!!!

(but that as before LOL) props to all 9k MMR players out there!

7. the first ever 10k MMR God —–> Abed  😂 (who cares if it’s boosted or not…all we care is that he reached 10K F I R S T and that he deserved it!!!

Also, Abed + Me = 12k MMR so go home your arguemet is invalid!!!


I still have 2 months before the year ends,

which means — it’s up to me to raise it or to let it go down-down-down

I am currently sooooooooooooo fighting for my MMR believe me!!! You can watch me go live here in my twitch channel

My current Solo MMR is 2,384

My goal before the year ends is 3k MMR

My RELISTIC goal before the year ends is to reach 2,700 MMR

(pls SEA server be good to me and let me team up with good players)


#SpicyNoodleChallenge accepted!!! Watch it in my youtube channel don’t forget to subscribe 

Thanks to Isiah for that Samyang 2x Spicy Chicken Ramen

If you know me…

you should know that i DO NOT eat spicy food but since this is given to me might as well try it and record it as well!

I prepared an ice cream and softdrinks —but friends told me after watching my video that I have to drink milk instead of solft drinks ‘coz it would not help to ease the spiciness

~so, if you’re thinking of doing this challenge, I recommend that you prepare milk instead of a softdrink

I wasn’t able to complete the challenge ‘coz the spiciness was just too much for me~ but still it was a nice experience.

recently due to the online sensation and success of the fire noodles, Samyang has lunched a 4x spicy noodle!!!

 Resulta ng larawan para sa samyang 4x

I will only try this 4x fire noodle challenge if and only if it’ll eb sponsored again LOL

(you can buy yours in korean shos or online shops)

Why not try the #firenoodlechallenge and join the hype!!!


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorImage may contain: 1 person, sittingImage may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorImage may contain: 1 person, sitting and drink

DIY Shorts Tutorial

This is the easiest DIY shorts tutorial for y’all diy-ers out there!!!

It only took me like 15-30mins in doing this project from my scrap-slash-left over fabric from my main project.


Pinking shears/Scissors

Safety pins/pins

1″ Elastic

Marking tool


Lace (optional)


1. Get a pair of shorts and turn it inside out. Fold it in half and trace it on to your fabric. Leave 1/2″ seam allowance but mine is a quarter ‘coz my fabric wont make it.  Leave atleast 1 1/2″ – 2″ on the top of the facbric for the elastic casing.

2. Cut all the piece of fabric. It should be 2pieces.

3. Sew both leg pieces then sew the top until the crotch area.

4. Hem the bottom part and add some lace. Clean the edges by a seger or just simply running a zig-zag stitch.

5. Fold the top part to make a case fo the eleastic then run down a straight stitch leaving atleast 1″ of openning to put in your elastic.

6. Attach a sfety pin on to your elastic and slip it into the openning that you made.  When both the ends of the elastic have met, run down a zig-zag stitch to connect both ends. Close the openning by a straight stitch.   Make sure that the elstic fits your waist.

Tadah!!! You’re done!!!

Isn’t so easy? You can also make a pair of PJ’s with this procedure.

If you have any comment or suggestion, just put it in the comment section below. Follow this blogsite for more DIy’s.